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We had a fantastic day at school yesterday and the children absolutely loved their gifts.  They were all carrying their pencil cases around this morning, showing each other – which is funny considering they all got the same!  The printing on the rulers etc. was brilliant and the logo came ...

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Welcome to our PtaPitstop website which is a division of Gifts2Impress Ltd.  This educational concept was designed and developed by Gifts2Impress and came about through constant demand for fundraising ideas for schools by the many PTAs and teachers we have dealt with in the 10 years Gifts2Impress have been formed .  There are many fundraising ideas for kids which are sought after particularly through nurseries, infant schools and primary schools where promotional products are sold at events to raise funds for the school and in particularly to give the school children something back.

Fundraising events for schools are held many times throughout the calendar year to help raise funds through PTA members efforts to provide for and give back to the pupils and as such we have tried to find personalised gifts for children of all ages to help with ideas for these occasions. 

As well as PTA fundraising ideas we have also tried to incorporate other options, not only for secondary schools but also for colleges and universities where open days are held to promote themselves and where school trips are common place.  To compliment these areas we have included more gifts which can be personalised for mature students for specific projects organised through unions and tutors.

For a more in depth view of specific giveaways and cost effective fundraising products please click on our category Fundraising Items.


For a more generalised look at our personalised    

products please visit our Gifts2Impress website

where you will find a more extensive range of

popular promotional products such as mugs,

conference folders, pens & bags.                       To visit please click here:

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